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"A Thousand Doors" has been released by the UK based record label Right Recordings.
You can download it or buy the physical copies from iTunes, Amazon, HMV
For a signed copy go to the contact or shop section and send me all your details.
All the songs were recorded and mixed at Mono Studio in Milan by sound engineer Matteo Sandri.
Two songs are featuring Nadine Carina. Click here to see the gallery!

Physical release:

Cat number: RIGHT261

Barcode: 5035980115821


Digital release:

Cat number: RIGHT261D

Barcode: 5035980115838



1. Intro (I’m Late) 0:31

2. Ticking Clocks 2:56

3. Fall 3:33

4. Drink Me 2:31

5. A Thousand Doors 2:42

6. House on the Water (ft. Nadine Carina) 3:02

7. Wings 3:31

8. Wonderland 2:43

9. In a Maze (ft. Nadine Carina) 2:44

10. Card Game 3:34

11. Everyone is Mad 3:00

12. I See Fire 4:53

About the album:

“It's clearly a concept album based on Alice in Wonderland. When I was a child I didn't like the story of Alice at all, it depressed me. I couldn’t really stand mad characters in cartoons and films. But growing up I realised how much that film was not for children: everything was a metaphor of our world. I thought that was perfect to find inspiration from. I chose a number of titles that had something to do with Wonderland and created the songs around them. The stories of the songs are not connected with the story of Alice, but with my own. This is how I see and feel the world and the people around me. And I feel like we have lost sight of our purpose in life. We're obsessed with time and ageing (me in particular), we're all addicted to something, we all do what we've been told is “normal” and we're afraid of everything, so we do nothing to just stay safe. 

Most of the songs are wake up calls for myself and for everyone who needs to wake up. Apart from one: Wonderland. That song is just about the room I grew up in, which is still the room of a messy child who believes in magic. That part of me is reflected there. Every song, painting, story, dream, was created there. And very few people saw it.


The first song I wrote was A Thousand Doors. It was towards the end of 2011, I was singing on my bed with my guitar, then I started singing what I needed to listen: motivational lyrics for myself, because I really felt stuck at that time, I had to move forward. So that song was the beginning of this adventure. 


I’ve always liked what sounds from another time, from another world, magical. But in my music I try to mix those elements with some modern ones. I am aware that even if I like the past, I have to experiment and move forward as well. This was my first attempt in "folksy magic pop", as I like to describe it”.

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